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  • Terri K. Lankford, LPC, NCC, LCAS

How To Get Your Goals On TRACK

February Tracking Calendars

February One.

Ever look down at your calendar or have to write the date after a long weekend off from working and wonder… Where has the month ran off to so quickly? Yeah, me too.

What about those #goals, or better yet, Intentions, you set back at the beginning of January? How are those going for you?

If you’re of the majority of folks, you probably fall in one of three categories: (1) still plugging away, (2) teetering on the edge of still doing it “sometimes”, or (3) you’re thinking pssshhhh, I’ll be restarting all of that on Monday, I swear I will!

No matter which of these categories you fall in - one thing stays the same : How do you KNOW if you’re making progress or not?

Like, really? How can you tell? Are you basing it on how you FEEL today which can sometimes wax or wan OR do you have concrete evidence of the work you either are (or are not) putting in? What intentions have you set to get you to your goals? Are you any closer to getting there?

What stands between you and your goals are your BEHAVIORS.

Your behaviors become your habits and your habits can become your routine which lead you to your goals!

Ok Ok, I am hearing the <insert eye roll here> for all of you who think routines are for the weak. But I beg to differ. It takes tenacity to set your eyes on a prize, engage in your intentions daily, and see it through.

What behaviors are you truly engaging in? After you set your intentions last month, ARE YOU ACTUALLY FOLLOWING THROUGH?


How do you know? Tracking.

Yep. I said it. And I TRIPLE DOG DARE you to track your behaviors for at least one WHOLE week.

But Whyyyyyyyy, you say? Well, you want to see results right? Progress. That means you have to take action. I want you to track with the intention to bring your goal in sight. You cannot improve something until you measure it. You also can’t make the most of your time and energy until you are aware of and accountable for your actions.

This is also a great tie in to setting your intentions because it engages you to live more presently and pay attention moment to moment and THEN review and shift your behaviors to align with the intentions (and goals) you have set.

Here’s how you do it:

Start Off Easy.

1. Just pick One habit to track for One week. (I would pick the habit that has the greatest control over you.)

Example: you want to get your hydration or dehydration under control to improve your health.

I am going to start tracking ___________ on ___________.


2. Write down everything you do every day for one week associated with that habit. You will be thorough and organized. But how will I do that??? Well, theres an app for that. OR better yet, WRITE IT DOWN. Get a calendar, a notebook, whatever you know will work for you.

Ex: you will track every sip of any beverage you consume - water, tea, coffee, soda, alcohol, etc.

What will happen after the first week?

You’ll prob be shocked at how much or how little those ounces (or pennies or calories or time) escape you. This lets you now were you need to pick up the pace and where you need to cut down.

Ex: maybe you can notice the space to do 1 cup of coffee instead of 3 or ditch the soda and replace it with soda water.. any of the places you may need to add in water instead.

Ok, so what next? Well, you keep tracking in this one area for say.. three weeks! I get it, I can already hear the sighing happening.. you don’t wanna.. blah blah blah. But since you’re tracking - you’ll already start to see the progress and how this is benefitting you! So why not sign up for another week and then another?

After the 4 weeks guess what? That thing you’ve started doing - or not doing… well, it starts to become a habit. And habits become routine and next thing you know you’re drinking plenty of water regularly and its not such a hassle anymore! (Or add in whatever it is you’re working to improve, obviously).


Notice other areas that are in need of improvement along the way? PERFECT! Pair them up! Pick a trigger - maybe its making sure you’re drinking your water AND taking your vitamins daily OR making your bed every morning while picking up the phone you normally grab off of your nightstand. It can be anything… but pairing behaviors together actually make then become a habit faster - and who doesn't want to knock this out in a quick manner so you can use your brain power for the next thing!

The point is you get to see how merely becoming conscious of your actions begins to shape them! YOU GET INTENTIONAL. You get to see how the longer you do these tiny sometimes seemingly inconsequential things, these actions, add up to SUCCESS! To Health and To Wealth, no matter what area your working on!

So what are you waiting on? I want you to MAKE A CHOICE TODAY. Pick just one thing. Track your awareness and show up to your life very differently - because if you WANT something different, you have to DO something different. And time sure does fly when you aren’t paying attention.


Welcome to Embrace | Overcome | Create Your Life.


I’m Terri Kiser Lankford, owner of the Rise & Thrive Counseling Practice, a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (in NC), and the host here at Rise & Thrive Counseling, PLLC and the Embrace| Overcome|CreateYourLife Blog.


I’m also an entrepreneur, Syltherin, foodie on a fitness journey, complete book nerd, photography novice who happens to think music is life. 


Warning! This site is about motivation, health & wellness, and self love.  but its also about various mental health issues and may talk about subjects such as suicide, self-harm and other touchy subjects at some point. This site is not intended for youth and may be “too much” to some.


Nothing on this site should be considered a medical recommendation. I am not a doctor. Anything of interest should be discussed with your doctor or therapist, or me (in person) if you are my current client.  No guarantee of accuracy is expressed or implied. (Sorry, I have to say that.)


All writing and mental health information here are accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of publication. However, keep in mind my opinion, and available information, changes over time.

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