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  • Terri K. Lankford, LPC, NCC, LCAS

5 Action Steps To Get What You Want

My job exists because for most of us, there’s always something that we want to change... something that we could improve upon. Whether that be our moods, our waistlines, our jobs, our relationships, or our bank accounts. I could go on here, but you get the point. Even the most “enlightened”, happy, and seemingly carefree person is doing some personal development to grow and change because if they aren’t then I don’t know how they got that way! And while I could literally spend all day just talking to you about these things - because well, I like to talk - talking ain’t getting it done. {yes, I just said ain’t} One of the things that I struggle with in traditional “talk therapy” is the same issue(s) coming back up over and over again but not hearing about the ACTION being taken to change it. While I totally validate that sometimes we need to just vent to someone that won’t judge you and/or that processing through our thoughts and feelings is completely necessary otherwise how do we come to these conclusions; it’s also about what we do with these new ideas and perspectives and how we apply them to our lives that is going to bring about change.

Ok so - what is it that you want to change or see improve? What is it that you want? Or who is that highest version of yourself that you are aiming to be?

Then, the question becomes how do you get started?

Here are Five Steps that you can start DOING today that will get you closer to your goals.

1) Get CLEAR on what you want to obtain. Here’s the key: Get specific. How much, What for, What does it look like, How amazing it will feel once you get, do, see, or have whatever it is you are striving for. Seriously, WRITE IT OUT.

2) DECIDE with unwavering faith and commitment that you will make this happen. And, don’t forget it. And remind yourself often.

3) Make a PLAN. What is that you actually need to DO in order to get what you desire? Ok, now break that down into chunks. Make your smaller goals within the Big Kahuna and get focused as fuck on one goal at a time. Trust me, you'll feel like you're making progress WAY sooner that only looking at the big picture which can feel very far away at times.

4) IMAGINE what life you’re creating and all that is coming your way as you get what you want... and do it with eagerness, excitement, continued hope and faith, and a serious sense of gratitude. Can you see it? Ok.. now don’t let go of that image! Think about it every day. Every morning you wake up, while you’re in the shower, driving in your car, and at night as you go to sleep.

5) DO YOUR BEST where ever you’re at. Where ever you are now - whether its waiting tables or cleaning dishes at the local restaurant, being the cashier at the grocery store, or smiling while you ask what order you can take with pleasure at for that famous fried chicken fast food place - have an attitude of gratitude. I don't care if you're the janitor, literally cleaning up shit. Everyone has to start somewhere and you may be in the job you don’t love right now. But why be all pissed off about it? WHAT YOU FOCUS ON, YOU GET MORE OF. Put on your rose colored glasses and start finding the bright side.


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