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The Full Moon, Releasing Trauma, & the Wellness Wheel

Earlier this year (in July, to be exact!), we introduced the idea of the Wellness Wheel and the New Moon. In that blog post, we talked about the Wellness Wheel’s eight categories as well as how the New Moon represents a time of setting goals and intentions for ourselves.

Just like a wheel, time rolls on, and we’ve recently cycled past a Full Moon. While the New Moon represents setting goals, the Full Moon represents release. We use this time surrounding the Full Moon to look deep within ourselves and our patterns and ask: what is no longer serving us? What have I been holding on to that I need to release?

The consequences of unresolved trauma are no joke. Sitting with trauma can result in a higher likelihood of developing PTSD, anxiety, and depression, along with physical symptoms like heart problems, stroke, or high blood pressure.

Are you holding on to unresolved trauma? Use this time of release, as well as these journal prompts inspired by the Wellness Wheel, to aid in letting go of negative emotions.


What emotions have you been experiencing lately? Have you been feeling particularly stressed, restless, agitated, or sad?

What is an event, conversation, or other occurrence you can’t seem to let go of? What would need to happen to receive emotional healing from this occurrence?


Is the world around you safe, or does it make you feel unsafe? Why?

When was the last time you connected with nature - particularly cleansing nature, like bodies of water or forests?


Do you feel secure financially? Why or why not?

What events have influenced how you feel about money? Were any of them times of scarcity where you were unsure about your money flow?


Do you sit alone with your thoughts? When you do, does it feel safe within yourself?

Do any of your hobbies include connection with yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings?


Do you feel secure at work? Why or why not?

What events or occurrences have influenced your thoughts about work or the workplace? Were any of these traumatic for you?


How safe do you feel in your own body? Do you have a hard time connecting with yourself or others from feeling unsafe?

What messages have you received about your body from societal or events that have happened to you or to loved ones? Are any of these traumatic?


Do you have a friend group you can rely on for support? List the friends you could reach out for when you need some emotional help.

What are your relationship patterns like? Have your relationship patterns been influenced by your family or past partners? In what way?


Do you have a spiritual practice? Does your practice feel safe and inclusive for you?

What messages do you receive from your spiritual practice about yourself, your relationships, and your goals? Do these messages align with your values? Why or why not?

We hope this blog gave you some prompts to encourage deep reflection on unresolved trauma! Our clinicians are holistic, meaning we’ll take a look at your whole Wellness Wheel instead of just one little part of it. We’d love to talk with you - reach out using our online contact form today! We look forward to hearing from you!




Welcome to Embrace | Overcome | Create Your Life.


I’m Terri Kiser Lankford, owner of the Rise & Thrive Counseling Practice, a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (in NC), and the host here at Rise & Thrive Counseling, PLLC and the Embrace| Overcome|CreateYourLife Blog.


I’m also an entrepreneur, Syltherin, foodie on a fitness journey, complete book nerd, photography novice who happens to think music is life. 


Warning! This site is about motivation, health & wellness, and self love.  but its also about various mental health issues and may talk about subjects such as suicide, self-harm and other touchy subjects at some point. This site is not intended for youth and may be “too much” to some.


Nothing on this site should be considered a medical recommendation. I am not a doctor. Anything of interest should be discussed with your doctor or therapist, or me (in person) if you are my current client.  No guarantee of accuracy is expressed or implied. (Sorry, I have to say that.)


All writing and mental health information here are accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of publication. However, keep in mind my opinion, and available information, changes over time.

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