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"You are not meant to just survive, stay stagnant, to settle; you are meant to keep growing and thrive."

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"Our day to day can get overwhelming and it can be difficult to take action in order to make changes in our lives. Stepping outside of the box can be scary.  You have the ability to rise up to the occasion to take more control of your own life experiences.  You can feel more confident & free and truly live your life.

Anyone who wants to embrace your authentic self, overcome your obstacles to move beyond 'survival mode', and create the life you can truly thrive in.  We are committed to providing you with a safe, non-judgmental space to explore the personal development you need to make those adjustments and flourish in your life and we enjoy working with those who would like to take a more health based approach to feeling better."

What Rise & Thrive Offers

Rise & Thrive Counseling, PLLC is a Holistic Counseling Practice that offers therapy to teens, adults, couples, and families. Conveniently located in the Brier Creek area close by to the Research Triangle Park of the Raleigh-Durham area,  Rise & Thrive Counseling is committed to providing you the highest quality therapeutic support either in person or via distance counseling.  We offer a set of skills, compassion, integrity and dedication to providing holistic care and our team has acquired advanced graduate-level clinical training. Whether you need assistance with depression, anxiety, substance misuse or abuse, loss, relating to others, transitioning (such as breakups, marriages, new jobs or other roles), or the stress of everyday life, Rise & Thrive Counseling will provide you with care that is  responsive to your needs.

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Real Talk for Real Life 

Read here to get the low down on  information about mental health, substance abuse, wellness and overall health. 

This is about inspiration, coping skills, & figuring out this thing called life.

This  is about LIVING BY DESIGN, not by default.

This is about getting to know yourself and doing whatever you can to be the BEST version of YOU! 

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