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Journal Prompts to Set Fall Intentions

With September 23rd being the official start of fall, October arrives shortly after to inspire thoughts of pumpkins, orange and red leaves, and hot drinks. October isn’t all thoughts of Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes, though; autumn brings its own lessons, themes, and intentions.

Fall symbolizes a season of introspection, as intentions shift towards embracing change and letting go of what no longer serves us. Its themes revolve around transformation, gratitude for the harvest of our efforts, and the beauty of impermanence. The lessons of fall remind us to find strength in transitions, appreciate the fleeting moments, and prepare for renewal in the cycle of life.

If you’re seeking to capture the spirit of fall’s lessons for us, journaling may be a great choice for you. Journaling helps us capture the theme of fall by providing a space to explore our intentions, It embodies the theme of transformation by allowing us to document personal growth and change over time. What better way to align your mental health journey with fall than to journey your progress with an emphasis on change?

Convinced that journaling is a great way to capture both your mental health journey and the theme of fall? Use these journal prompts below to help consider your intentions for the last three months of 2023!

  1. How does the changing foliage and cooler weather of autumn affect your mood and energy levels?

  2. Reflect on the concept of letting go. What thoughts or emotions are you ready to release like falling leaves?

  3. Write about a favorite childhood memory associated with fall. How does it make you feel?

  4. List five things you're grateful for as you enter the fall season.

  5. Explore the idea of "hygge" (coziness) in the fall. How can you incorporate more warmth and comfort into your life?

  6. Write a letter to your future self, setting intentions for personal growth during the fall season.

  7. What self-care rituals can you implement this October to nurture your mental and emotional well-being?

  8. What are your favorite fall comfort foods? How do they provide comfort and joy to you?

  9. Explore your fears and anxieties, framing them as the monsters of Halloween. How can you confront and overcome them?

  10. Reflect on the lessons you've learned from the cycle of seasons and how they apply to your personal growth.

  11. Create a list of self-affirmations or positive mantras to carry with you through the fall season.

  12. Explore the concept of balance and how it applies to your life as the days grow shorter and nights longer.

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We hope this blog post helped inspire you to reflect on your own change as the season does too! If you want more holistic help, look no further than Rise and Thrive Counseling. Our holistic counselors can help address all areas of life - especially transformation and change. Reach out today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!




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