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The Science Behind the Woo.... Understanding Subtle Energy

Energy; it’s a word we’re all familiar with but yet has so many meanings. The energy we use to power our homes, to move our bodies every day, the fuel we use to make our vehicles go, the energy we burn with movement, the solar energy the sun provides us, but energy is so much more than this. If we take a look at energy in our everyday lives we can gain a better understanding of how it impacts us.

Have you ever met someone that you just got a great vibe from, making you feel comfortable in their presence? Or have you ever had to work with a coworker on a project and you always left your meetings feeling drained after your interactions with them? These are examples of our physical bodies responding to the subtle energy of others. While most of us are familiar with this phenomenon, it can be somewhat of a mystery and hard to understand the why behind it. Let’s take a look at this from a scientific standpoint.


Understanding Subtle Energy

At times, energy can seem elusive because we can’t see it with the physical eye but yet our bodies have an intuitive ability to pick up on and read subtle energy. This happens because everything that is energetic contains information and everything, living and nonliving, is composed of energy that is in constant motion.

Now that we’ve covered the concept that every object is made of energy, let’s explore why by taking it back to those high school science days when you learned about kinetic and potential energy!!

All objects are made of atoms which are composed of many particles, electrons being one of these. These tiny electron particles are always in motion, some move faster while others move slower, resulting in a subtle vibration. For instance, solids are made of slower-moving particles that vibrate around a fixed point giving the object mass. Gasses, on the other hand, vibrate at such a fast speed that they are invisible to the eye. To better understand why all energy can’t be seen, we can use the metaphor of moving fan blades. The faster a fan moves the more difficult it is to see each blade. As the speed continues to increase, you will eventually no longer be able to see the blades because they are moving faster than the eye can process.

When considering energy most times the words tangible, solid, and concrete don’t come to mind. However, there is a direct relationship between energy and mass, which is the amount of matter in an object. Quantum physics tells us that mass and energy are one and the same thanks to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. According to the Law of Conservation energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only converted to one form of energy or another. While mass takes on a physical form that we can touch and see, energy is potential mass that has not yet formed. This means that humans are simply energy stored in mass form!

At this point, you might be wondering what all of this has to do with feeling vibes or the human experience at all. Truth be told, vibrational energy — or what I will refer to as energetics — has a significant impact on our physical, mental, and emotional bodies by changing our frequency, or overall vibration.

In the next segment of The Science Behind the Woo, we dive into learning about the Human Energy Field, and how it is impacted by not only other people but also environmental factors as well as our thoughts and feelings.




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